Measure A on June Ballot

May 21, 2012 7:48 PM

The hot topic of medical marijuana has found itself on the upcoming June ballot. District one supervisor Bill Connelly says he strongly supports Measure A. " Measure A basically is a land use decision that's allowed to be taken by the county board of supervisors to regulate how many plants can be grown on a given size of property," said Connelly.
If passed, the measure would regulate the growing of pot on a sliding scale. Anyone on less than a half acre would not be allowed to grow. Those with properties larger than than a half acre, and up to five acres, would be allotted 6 plants. Six to twenty acres could grow 12. Connelly says guidelines must be made. " Our youth are being desensitized to class one narcotics by the growing of marijuana in our residential areas," said Connelly.
The Butte County Board of Supervisors passed the ordinance to regulate marijuana last year after several public hearings. Those against the measure gathered enough signatures to have the issue put on the June ballot. People like Shirley Reaves, who says passing the measure would be devastating. " It would mean that I would have absolutely no access whatsoever to any medication," said Reaves.
If the measure is passed, it would also restrict marijuana from being grown one thousand feet from schools, churches and bus stops. The Citizens for Compassionate Use have been strongly opposing the measure.


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