Measure A enforcement so far: 74 total cases, 16 citations, five arrests

Apr 7, 2015 5:35 PM by Brian Johnson

The person in charge of enforcing Butte County's new medical marijuana ordinance briefed county supervisors on case statistics and trends they're seeing this morning.

Just like the last time we checked in with Chris Jellison, all of the cases code enforcement officers have dealt with so far have been indoor grows. Regardless, they've still seized thousands of plants.

Recently, Butte County Code Enforcement had to go get another inspection warrant to get on a property in Palermo.

"It was a very, very, very large grow house," Jellison said. "So it came in a complaint as far as somebody was seeing it lit up at night."

When code enforcement officers came back with the warrant, officers found 300 plants, and after searching some outbuildings, seized more than 600 plants.

They also found a butane honey oil lab, the second of the year.

To date, Jellison and his team have taken on 74 cases, 37 no longer active, another 35 still open.

Twenty four of those are pending review.

The county has issued 16 citations and five people have been arrested by the Butte County Sheriff's Office, including one person from the bust in Palermo.

Like the Palermo case, all cases start with a citizen complaint, Jellison said.

"We are not proactive, we're strictly reactive," Jellison said. "So we receive the complaint and some people have asked to be contacted back and some have not."

As for trends, Jellison said his team is seeing a lot of unpermitted structures and electrical wiring.

Most cases have been in the Oroville area, like one on Viewcrest drive a month ago that landed two Oregon men in the Butte County Jail.

Despite receiving some complaints of outdoor grows, none have been looked at, he said.

But Jellison expects to, as he says the outdoor grow season is nearing.

Meanwhile, Butte County officials are filing a new challenge to the Measure A lawsuit that's still in the works, which is expected to be heard in court sometime in early May.


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