Measure A and B debate tonight on KROV, Oroville community radio

Nov 3, 2014 7:14 PM by Brian Johnson

A new Oroville community radio station program lands some big guests for a hot topic in just their second show.

KROV's current events program called Rank on Government is hosting a debate between representatives from Measures A and B.

The two local measures are in direct contrast to one another, and both offer their own solutions on how to handle the cultivation of medical marijuana in Butte County.

From 7-9 PM, there will be debate, rebuttals, and calls from listeners (you can also livestream here).

The show's host, Annette DeBrotherton hopes the conversation will look for new solutions beyond A and B.
"I had some concerns because structurally both of these measures have problems," DeBrotherton said. Neither one of them are really good solutions."

The Butte County Elections Office says that if both Measures A and B pass, the one with more votes will carry weight and win-out. Hypothetically if there were to be a tie, they say they won't speculate on what would happen next.


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