Measure A: 6 months of Butte County's new marijuana rules

Jun 23, 2015 6:44 PM by News Staff

Six months after Butte County's new medical marijuana ordinance went into effect officials are declaring efforts thus far a major success.

To date, Butte County Code Enforcement have taken on 512 cases this year. Of those cases 52 have been closed and 226 are currently open.

The county has issued 140 citations and nine people have been arrested by the Butte County Sheriff's Office. Additionally three honey oil labs have been uncovered.

Measure A was passed last November, became effective this year, and is changing the playing field for all medical marijuana growers in the county.

Code Enforcement officials say there have been several trends, including a lot of unpermitted structures and accessories, as well as camping violations. The county also said Tuesday, the positive impacts are already being felt with fewer water trucks on the road, fewer grading violations, and positive community reactions.

In the first six months of Measure A the county has actively conducted outreach programs and 15 presentations.

Officials say the efforts in Butte County are being noticed across the state and officials from Riverside and San Bernardino have reached out for information on enforcement procedures.

Action News Now Reporter Joe Moeller spoke with county officials Tuesday and will have a full report on Measure A thus far tonight at 5 and 6 p.m.


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