McManus Elementary School cafeteria burglarized

Oct 23, 2014 2:46 PM by News Staff

On Wednesday night a person broke into John A. McManus Elementary School in Chico and stole more than $700 of food from the school's freezer.

School officials say the person who burglarized the school was driving a pickup truck and concealed their identity by unscrewing light bulbs. The suspect then used bolt cutters to gain access to the school and a crow bar to break into the freezer.

The suspect then loaded up the pickup with $700 worth of frozen food items like pizza and corndogs.

School officials say there is still food available for the students to eat today and moving forward, but the theft will certainly impact the district's annual food budget.

The Chico Police Department is conducting an investigation, but at this time it is unknown how many suspects are responsible for this theft.

Tonight on Action News Now reporter Cecile Juliette will have a full report.


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