McCarthy calls for beefed-up US response against IS, Russia

Sep 28, 2015 2:12 PM by Debbie Cobb

WASHINGTON (AP) - The front-runner to replace House Speaker John Boehner (BAY'-nur) says the United States should work with its allies to set up a no-fly zone in northern Syria in the campaign against Islamic State militants.

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy also said Monday that the U.S. should consider putting some special forces on the ground in Iraq to help in directing more effective airstrikes against the militants.

McCarthy, R-Calif., is a heavy favorite to replace Boehner, who announced his resignation Friday amid growing discontent among some of the most conservative members of the House Republican conference.

In a speech Monday, McCarthy criticized the Obama administration, saying its response to the militants and Russian aggression has been weak. He also reiterated his criticism of the international nuclear deal with Iran.


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