Mayor proposes Measure "F" to slash crime rate in Redding

Sep 22, 2014 8:37 PM

It's election year for the City of Redding and one topic in particular is taking center stage among the entire community.

That issue is the crime rate -- and according to Mayor Bosetti and law enforcement -- it just keeps rising.

"You wanna steal wanna do all that have to pay the price...and right now in California you don't have to."

But Mayor Bosetti is working to change that in Redding by making criminals pay for their crimes.

He proposed Measure "F" -- which if it passes -- will add a quarter-cent to the sales tax for the next six years.

Mayor Bosetti estimates Redding would receive five-million dollars from the tax hike in its first year.

"Five million dollars will allow us to hire personnel...create work-release programs...and for the worst of the worst, send them out of county to another county jail."

25 percent of that revenue would go to hiring more police officers, and the remaining 75 percent would be used to transfer inmates out of the Shasta County Jail.

"It makes more room in our jail for those who are waiting for trial so they can't be out doing more crime, like they are right now."

Mayor Bosetti's big push for Measure "F" comes from criminals who have been let out of jail because of Assembly Bill 109.

"The petty crime...the shoplifting...the burglaries...the car thefts...and everyone in this community has been touched by it."

Barbara Bolton is one of those people -- her neighborhood recently started an alert program after vandals plagued the area.

She backs the proposed measure, saying now isn't the time to have an under-staffed police department.

"They're spread so thin and we don't even have room to house these guys, so I'm really looking to protect us. I think it's worth it."
Councilmember Patrick Jones is one of those opposing Measure "F" - he says the council is too quick to ask the public to cough up money, when they should review the way they spend and allocate city money.


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