May 5, Kids In Action; Chico Cheer All-Stars

May 13, 2013 12:58 PM

They call themselves cheerleaders, but you won't find them with pom poms and skirts.
In tonight's Kids in Action, reporter Rick Carhart introduces us to the Chico Cheer All-Stars and one team member who has a bright future ahead of her.

nats tumbling

Tiffany Hayes is a cheerleading coach... but she doesn't spend her time choreographing halftime routines.

Tiffany says, "their focus is on stunting, tumbling, and competing against other teams."

The Chico Cheer All-Stars are back-to-back national champions, and select members of their winning team just returned from their first trip to the world championships at Disney World, and they came home with memories to last a lifetime.

Cheerleader Sydney Johnson says, "I got to see a lot of teams that I really look up to and that I've been following all season long."

Cheerleader Monique McDaniel says, "the best part was meeting so many people from different teams and all over the place."

Teams from all over the world performed in what is as physically demanding a competition as any other sport.

Monique says, "you get really close because it's a dangerous sport so you have to trust each other."

It's a team sport with a lot of pressure on each member.

Tiffany says, "they have 2:30 to hit perfectly... In cheerleading there are no mistakes, there is no comeback.

Sydney says, "it's a hit or miss... you either worked really hard and it shows or you worked really hard and it doesn't."

Sydney Johnson has been at Chico Cheer since she was eleven. This fall, she will continue her career on the "Acrobatics and Tumbling team" at Azusa Pacific University in Southern California.

Tiffany says, "I'm just so proud of her because she's worked really hard the last seven years. It's a great lesson for other cheerleaders and athletes to see that hard work does pay off."

Sydney took her time deciding which school to go to, but in the end she followed her heart.

Sydney says, "I contacted the coach and I signed a couple weeks ago."

And now her mentor has the chance to watch her former student as a fan.

Tiffany says, "it's going to be heartwarming to see that one of your kids has gone somewhere far in life and I know she'll continue to grow as a person."


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