May 22nd, 2013; Scholar Athlete; Blake Zufall

May 22, 2013 8:53 PM

This week's Subway Scholar Athlete may not have blazing speed, but he can definitely go the distance.

When it comes to long distance running, Shasta senior Blake Zufall leaves the competition in the dust.

Last Friday, at the Northern Section Division One Track and Field Championships, Zufall started the day by winning the 1600 meter. He then ended the day by winning the 3200 meter.

"Distance running, my coach puts it as a business of being in discomfort, it's whoever has the highest pain threshold is who wins the races," said Zufall.

Zufall definitely pushes himself. From the time he was in middle school, he's been a distance runner, logging 50 to 60 miles per week.

"There's no secret to running, it's really just putting in the time, putting in the mileage. You can't become a champion overnight, you have to keep working," said Zufall.

This senior, who carries a 4.8 GPA despite taking 5 AP courses, approaches his education with the same mind state.

"I often think of school like a distance race because just like the work ethic and running that you build up you know working constantly, working hard, never giving up, it applies directly to school I believe," said Zufall.

Next year, Zufall will head to UC Davis where he wants to be more than a runner.

"i'll be majoring in neurobiology physiology and behavior with a minor in human development in hopes to become a pediatrician. I love kids, I love obviously running and exercising, so the body and putting them both together, being a pediatrician seems like the right thing," said Zufall.


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