Max's Miracle Ranch

Oct 24, 2010 8:16 PM

Max's Miracle Ranch on Smith Road in Biggs is a place for everyone. From train rides, to pumpkin picking, and farm animals, it really has it all. But there is more to this ranch than meets the eye, and its right there in the name. Molly, Max's mom says, "Our main goal with Max's Miracles is to provide fun activities and moments for families where the whole family can get together to do fun stuff."

Max's Miracles is a non-profit organization that helps families who have children with a life threatening illness. The organization provides opportunities for families to go to events such as disney on ice, monster trucks, and sacramento kings games. They also provide gas, food, and the support of understanding first hand what the families are going through. The Carpenter family says, "Our son Zach was born with four congenital heart defects and has had two open heart surgeries. And just the support system they've gathered and the help they give to families like ours is amazing."

Max's Miracle Ranch holds fundraiser at the pumpkin patch and a christmas toy drive to benefit these families during the holidays. Which means the world to a family affected first hand. Molly says, "As a mom with a child with a life threatening illness to know that people are actually out there and care about what these kids are going through and to come out and support what were trying to do."


he inspiration behind the miracle non-profit, a little boy named Max. Who is a true inspiration to all. Molly says, "They're total inspirations and you kind of get a gift by coming out here and seeing that."


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