Masters Life Lessons

Apr 13, 2016 2:40 PM by News Staff

Millions of golf fans watched the Masters last weekend and they saw Jordan Spieth, one of the best golfers in the world make mistakes that cost him the tournament.
Among those watching most closely were junior players who look up to the champion golfer.
Action News Now chief photographer Rick Carhart went to a local high school golf tournament to find out how these young players reacted to the major meltdown.

Wyatt Brown, a big Spieth fan.
"I was rooting for him to win the Masters. I was so happy that he was doing that well that I even changed my Twitter name to Jordan Spieth."

Brown was watching as Spieth hit two balls in the water to lose the lead... ultimately finishing 2nd in what many call the biggest tournament of the year. countless golf fans had the same reaction.

Tom says, "I felt a pit in my stomach for him, I was rooting for Jordan hard, he had the tournament wrapped up."

Jacob says, "it just shows that one bad hole can make or break your score for the rest of the day."

Spieth is one of many "twenty-somethings" ruling the golf world these days and they are inspiring a new generation of players.

Wyatt says, "I strive to be that good one day, hoping I can play that well."

Tom says, "it gives everybody the hope and the possibility that if you work hard and follow your dreams good things can happen."

And sometimes the best lessons come from failure... not success.

Jacob says, "any person can make mistakes, it's just how you recover from that mistake."

Tom says, "the way he handles himself as a gentleman, and he's going to use that to make himself better, he's going to realize the next time he's in that situation how he felt, how he thought."

Wyatt says, "he just let it go... it's best to have a short-term memory, especially in golf."

As these high schoolers work on their games trying to improve and achieve their goals they feel lucky to have heroes to look up to.

Jacob says, "watching golf you get to see what pros do and how they carry themselves on the course."

And seeing one of the best go through hard times just makes them root harder.

Tom says, " it shows he's human, and that's a part of the game."

Jacob says,"one bad shot, two bad shots, one bad hole isn't going to define your career."


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