Massive storm causes death & destruction in Texas

Dec 26, 2015 11:48 PM

Death and destruction is being reported from tornadoes that have swept through North Texas.

Four people are confirmed dead in vehicle accidents near the intersection of two major highways in Garland, east of Dallas.

A Garland police spokesman says they were killed during a massive storm.

A tornado is reported to have gone through the suburb, damaging several homes.

Also, the Dallas County Sheriff's office says deputies are responding to damages caused by a tornado east of Dallas, including a trailer park that's ablaze in Sunnyvale.

Meanwhile, the emergency manager for Ellis County, about 30 miles south of Dallas, says some homes have been destroyed and others damaged.

Including the 4 in Texas, the death toll across the South now stands at 22 after less than a week of severe weather.

In the panhandle area of Texas and Oklahoma, residents are hunkered down for what the National Weather Service is calling a "historic blizzard." Some parts of the region could see as many as 14 inches of snow, with sub-zero wind chills and accumulating ice. The storm is expected to begin Saturday night.


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