Massive Paradise mail theft, man arrested

Jan 31, 2014 6:36 PM

On Thursday, Paradise Police arrested 26-year-old Christopher Larson for multiple offenses related to mail theft.

They found him at K-Mart trying to cash a stolen check. Police said he was hiding in a bathroom but ultimately turned himself in without any trouble.

“(Larson) admitted to creating three online bank accounts,” said Paradise Police officer Robert Wright. “He admitted to stealing tax information in mail boxes. And he admitted signing and forging multiple checks.”

But police don't think he was honest about just how much money he stole.

“His comment was that he only made a hundred bucks,” Wright said of Larson. “But based on the information, I know he made more than that.”

This case started back in December when paradise police were flooded with stolen mail found by residents.

“We were receiving literally bags of (stolen) mail,” Wright said.

Locals we spoke with said this news doesn’t surprise them because mail theft has been a longtime problem in Paradise.

“Just about anybody you ask will tell you that they know somebody who has had their mail stolen,” said Mary Graham, a Paradise resident. “It’s real easy because most of the mail boxes are out on the road and the houses are sitting back off the road.”

Larson is in Butte County Jail and his case will be turned over to the district attorney's office and Federal Postal Investigators.


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