Masked men rob business at gunpoint in Humboldt

Dec 9, 2013 5:56 PM

Humboldt County authorities are investigating an armed robbery at a deli in Willow Creek. According to the Sheriff's Office, two armed men forced their way into Ray's Food Place around 6:00 this morning, as an employee was letting another employee in the front door. The two suspects appeared and brandished semi-auto handguns at the employees and forced both employees to the ground. One of the suspects immediately went to the office and confronted a manager in the office, while the second suspect located two other employees who were working in the deli and ordered them to the ground at gun point.
The suspect in the office held the manager at gunpoint and ordered her to put all the money in the safe into a backpack which the suspect brought with him into the office. After the employee in the office emptied the contents of the safe into the back pack, both suspects left the store, telling the victims to count to one hundred before calling law enforcement. Both suspects fled east bound on foot.
The suspects are described as two white male adults. One is 5'8" tall and was wearing all black, with a black hoodie, full face mask with eye holes, cloth gloves and armed with a black semi auto handgun. The second suspect is 6' tall, wearing all black, black hoodie, full face mask with eye holes and cloth gloves armed with a black semi auto handgun.
No one was injured during the robbery.
Anyone with information is asked to call the Sheriff's Office.


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