Marysville PD searching for man who tried to run over officer with truck, fled

Dec 31, 2015 2:47 PM by News Staff

Marysville Police are currently searching for a man who fled the scene after nearly running over an officer who was attempting to make an arrest.

Officer Leticia Reusser was called to the Flyer’s Gas Station at the 900 block of 5th Street Saturday night in Marysville in response to a suspicious vehicle that was parked in front of the store, according to a Marysville Police news release.

Officer Reusser approached the vehicle in question, a 2012 Chevrolet pick-up and contacted the driver. Reusser identified the driver as Andrew David Hicks, 23, and asked that he exit the vehicle.

The suspect started the Chevrolet’s engine and placed the transmission into reverse. The driver accelerated the vehicle in reverse, trapping Officer Reusser between the driver door and the driver compartment. After a struggle, Reusser was unable to get control of the vehicle and the suspect fled the scene. The vehicle was last seen traveling north on J Street from the Flyer’s gas station. Officer Reusser sustained minor injuries to her left leg as a result of this incident.

The white Chevrolet has a California license plate number of 80538S1. Hicks is known to carry weapons and is considered extremely dangerous.

The Marysville Police Department is asking anyone who has information to please contact via telephone 530-749-3900.


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