Marysville not renewing Cal Fire contract

Oct 27, 2014 7:55 PM

The City of Marysville will soon take control of its own fire department after being contracted with Cal Fire for 17 years. The Marysville Fire Department was established in 1851.

"It is the second oldest fire department West of the Mississippi after only San Francisco." says City Manager Walter Muncheimer.

In 1997 the city entered a contract with the state to operate and provide staffing for the city's department. Next year the city will operate the department once again.

"It just got to the point where it wouldn't have been sustainable financially any longer so we had to look at options."

Like many other cities, Marysville, has been struggling financially since the recession. City Manager Walter Muncheimer says the city couldn't afford the new Cal Fire contract.

"The estimate for a city staffed fire department is $300,000 plus less than the Cal Fire contract."

Marysville City Council decided the city will save money by staffing the department and keeping the assets and equipment already owned by the city.

"All Cal Fire did was provide the staffing it was essentially a labor contract."

Next year Marysville will fully operate the department with 10 on staff.

"We will head into the recruitment, interviewing, and selection process and I expect over the next three to four months we should be able to narrow it down to the people we need." added Muncheimer.

Ca Fire Battalion Chief Mike Deme says the four current full time employees there now will be transferred to other Cal Fire stations

Cal Firefighers at the Marysville station respond to about 2,500 calls a year. It is the only city fire department operated by Cal Fire in Yuba County. The city manager says they plan to have the department fully staffed and under city control by June of next year.


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