Marysville Historic Cemetery Targeted By Vandals Again...

Apr 12, 2011 8:14 PM

An unsettling site, more than 30 toppled headstones lay scattered about the Historic Marysville City Cemetery. Headless statues and cracked monuments now litter the grounds after vandals made their way through two heavily locked gates sometime during the last few days. The cemetery is the city's oldest, established in 1850, and sadly it's been the victim of vandals before. Something that infuriates Marysville City Cemetery Chairperson Roberta Shurtz. " I'm enraged, I am totally enraged, I am angry because I can't imagine somebody desecrating a grave", said Shurtz.
Much of the damage was done to larger headstones that have been standing for more than 150 years. All now lay on their sides cracked at the base amid hundreds of old grave sites. Many headstones were destroyed so severely even the names are now unreadable. " To have this desecrated is wrong, we have to go back to our history to find out where we need to go in the future", explained Shurtz.
The cemetery only receives 1,000 dollars for up keep per year, anything more than that is donated. Which will make it more difficult to repair all the damage. " We've got to earn that money so that we can put it back", Shurtz said.
Marysville high FFA students also help clean the grounds once a week. They have yet to see the destruction. " They're going to be angry, they're going to be awestruck", said Shurtz.
And for those who have damaged the historical grave sites, Shurtz has only one message. " Shame on you, shame on you!", said Shurtz.
Cemetery caretakers are now looking for donations to help repair some of the damage. If you would like to make a donation you can send checks to the Marysville City Hall at 526 C St in Marysville.


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