Marysville and Gold Sox Baseball Team headed to Court

Mar 10, 2016 7:16 PM by Linda Watkins-Bennett

The City of Marysville is headed to court to settle a contract dispute with the Marysville Gold Sox baseball team.
The City wants the court to decide whether the contract for the team to use Bryant Field has expired.
Marysville officials believe it has, but Gold Sox General Manager Michael Mink told us today that there are three years remaining on the agreement ... and they are planning to play baseball in 2016.
Mink said the team is "fully operational" and has signed 20 players.
The Gold Sox are part of the new Great West Baseball League.
The Chico Heat is also in the league, and its season opener with the Sox is scheduled for June 3rd ... at Bryant Field.
The city says it hopes to reach at least an interim understanding with the team in time for the upcoming season ... Without asking taxpayers to subsidize the team's new, out-of-state owners.
The Gold Sox have been playing there since 2003.


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