Mary Lake Residents fed up with constant gunfire, shell casings on their property

Jun 27, 2014 8:10 PM

Residents living in the Mary Lake community in Redding are on noise overload -- it's something they've been dealing with for years.
It comes from the nearby Record Gun Range, which was built in the 1950s.
While the Mary Lake subdivision was built by the City of Redding 30 years later, residents say it's more noise than they expected.

"...kinda sounds like you're in a war zone to be honest...that must be the SWAT team or something cause it's boom! boom! loud booms."

Randy and Julie Harmon first moved into their home on Brinn Street 4 years ago -- and they knew what they were getting themselves into.

"they do have you sign a disclosure form which discloses tons of things..."

They were going to live next to the Record Gun Range.

His wife Julie says she didn't think she'd hear gunshots every day, from sun up -- to sun down.

"when we're celebrating Christmas and Easter and when I hear the gunshots it seems very at odds with what we are trying to celebrate those days, and peace and being happy."

Neighbors understand the gun range is a place for police officers to sharpen their public safety skills, but they want the city -- which approved the development of this neighborhood -- to move the range elsewhere.

"you never know if someone is actually shot because we're so used to hearing gun shots..."

Randy and a few of his neighbors put up a website a few months ago, and began circulating a petition to relocate the gun range.

So far, the site has gathered close to 60 signatures.

"I love the neighborhood it's just absolutely gorgeous...I think they had every good reason to build out this way, but I think they dropped the ball on the city and county when they didn't address the gun range situation."

Although the Harmons have never seen bullet casings around their property -- they say they've heard complaints from other neighbors who found casings buried in their lawns.

Action News Now called Bill Schueller of the Shasta County Peace Officers' Association for comment, but haven't heard back.

"you just never know when gunfire is going to erupt and how long it's going to go...all of a sudden it'll erupt and it'll be quite a bit of shooting."

Residents plan to contact the Shasta County Planner to file a code violation complaint, but they say the City of Redding is ultimately responsible in helping to provide a quiet neighborhood.


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