Marina owners and residents gear up for a full Shasta Lake this summer

Mar 18, 2016 1:37 PM by News Staff

With more than 300 miles of shoreline, summer water temperatures in the 80's and unlimited recreational opportunities, marinas on Shasta Lake are gearing up for a busy summer.

And that is leaving marina owners are very optimistic.

John Harkrader can't wait for summer. He just moved his marina to a new location, and looking at the shoreline, he sees a new view that he hasn't seen in years.

"It's a lake in the forest,” Harkrader said. “Great fishing, 5000 coves where you can take your houseboat and it's like your own private lake. Looks to me like the drought is going bye bye. The lake level is 25 feet from the top and rising."

Harkrader has owned the Shasta Marina for 20 years and some would say he's a newcomer.

"I was on here the first year it was filled up in a cabin cruiser," Anderson resident Charlie McKinney said.

That was around 75 years ago and McKinney has been enjoying the lake ever since.

"We'd water ski over to digger bay, have supper, then water ski back just for an evening," he said.

\He remembers before the lake existed and he had his doubts.

"I thought those fools are going to try to fill up this hole with water and it does, one raindrop at a time," McKinney said.

This year there have been a lot of raindrops at one point adding seven feet to the lake level in one night and the public is noticing.

"It's early and we've already exceeded our bookings for the whole year last year," Harkrader said.

In his 80s now, McKinney and his wife aren't slowing down and they enjoy sharing the lake with friends and family.

“Finally bought a houseboat, we can come up and stay all night if we want to, stay all summer if we want to," he said.

The latest figures for Shasta Lake show the lake has risen about six feet just this week, and now stands at 85 percent of total capacity compared to last year at this time when the Shasta was just a little more than half full.


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