March Madness Bracket Pools

Mar 19, 2013 12:46 PM

March Madness is in the air, and it's starting to spread. And all around the North State people are embracing it.
Action News Reporter Rick Carhart shows us how the popular NCAA Tournament Pool can be addicting in a positive way.

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Every March, the nation pauses to watch as college kids hit the hardwood.


But we're not just watching... millions of Americans will be busy the next three days filling in their tournament brackets... in hopes of walking away with the big prize.

Luis says,"we might throw in a dollar of 5 bucks and see what happens... More than anything for us it's about bragging rights."

While most of us aren't getting rich playing fantasy sports, that doesn't mean we don't take them seriously.

Luis says, "you have the people who actually study the tournament... They start watching from the get-go."

Okay, maybe not always so seriously.

Luis says, "you have those that just pick... Somebody's wearing a yellow jersey and it's cute and that's who they go with."

And everyone has their own strategy.

"I never know with my brackets, so I take everyone's advice."

"not to always go with the top picks... Pick the underdogs, that's the best strategy."

And of course, their favorite teams.

"I'm really pulling for Louisville."

"UCLA is #1 always."

And when the dust settles after an NCAA Champion is crowned, the last one standing in your office pool isn't necessarily who you might think.

Luis says, "last year we had two girls come in first and second, and they had no idea what they were doing... So they bragged... a lot"

According to Businessweek.Com... some 50 million Americans will fill out an NCAA Tournament bracket this year.


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