Many Boucher Street neighbors oppose annexation, new market

Apr 3, 2014 7:23 PM

Thursday morning, 10 property owners on Boucher Street handed in signatures opposing annexation into the city of Chico. Seventeen parcels are being considered for annexation at the request of Harbinger Janda, the owner of 1406 Boucher Street. Janda is reconstructing the property which used to house Chinca's Market. According to neighbors, it had become a gathering for drug addicts and prostitutes before it closed. One neighbor who asked not to be named says annexation would increase the cost of natural gas, electricity, water, and telephone services by 5% each. He also says the Chico Police force has been decimated, and he doesn't want police to be responsible from responding to crime on his street. Other neighbors say they're worried about Janda's plans for the market. They say he wants to turn it in to a family-friendly place that does not sell alcohol, but they worry his desire to have his property annexed into the city is to make it easier to obtain a liquor license. Janda did not return calls to Action News Now for comment.


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