Man sentenced for assault of Daniel Chesterman

Mar 12, 2014 7:02 PM

Rodney Freeman, 19, was sentenced to no less than five months in prison and three years’ probation for assaulting Daniel Chesterman in downtown Chico last February.

Daniel Chesterman is the brother of Kristina Chesterman, the 21-year-old nursing student who was killed by an alleged drunk driver in September.

Freeman punched Chesterman in the face causing significant damage and requiring a surgery in which a plate and several screws were implanted in Chesterman’s head.

After attacking Chesterman, Freeman took to twitter the next day to brag about the assault.

Before Freeman was taken into custody, the Chesterman family addressed the court explaining the pain Freeman had caused and they read testimony that had been written by Kristina before she died.


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