Man Says Account Cleared After Using ATM at U.S. Bank in Corning

Apr 5, 2013 10:31 AM

Jimmy Dickson says he lives paycheck to paycheck. He says he used his ATM card at the U.S. Bank ATM on Solano Street in Corning March 30, and he had more than $600 in his account. The following day, Dickson says he tried to buy dog food and his card was declined. When he checked his account, he discovered it had been cleared. Dickson went to the bank, and says he got few answers. He says bank employees would not give him the name or phone number of the bank's district manager, and was told to call the number on the back of his ATM card. Dickson says the process has been frustrating, because he wants to speak to someone about his problem in person. He is filing the paperwork, he says, to prove he did not steal his own money. Meanwhile, his rent is late, and he says it will take up to 60 days to get his money back if the bank determines it was, in fact, stolen.
Chuck Bartok also says his account was cleared after using the ATM at the same U.S. Bank location. He says more than $400 is missing after he used the ATM card this weekend. Action News spoke to him as he was walking into the bank to fill out the necessary paperwork to try and get his money back.
A representative of U.S. Bank says Dickson does not have an account at U.S. Bank.
The same branch had an issue with a skimming device in February 2013. At that time, at least a dozen people lost money in their accounts. It's not clear whether they were U.S. Bank customers, or just became victims after using the U.S. Bank ATM on Solano Streeet.
U.S. Bank did not say whether there was another potential skimming event at the location over Easter weekend. A representative of the bank says sometimes a skimming device can be attached and removed before anyone notices.


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