Man saved by new cancer treatment

Apr 22, 2016 6:47 PM by News Staff

For Rick Ledesma and his family, every day is a blessing.

In January of last year, he was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, an aggressive and usually deadly form of brain cancer.

An MRI revealed a baseball-size tumor. Doctors tried to remove it, but were only able to get 60 percent of it. Rick was told he had 2 to 15-months to live.

His wife Janet started looking for treatments options online, and found that electrical work known as Tumor-Treating fields showed promise.

That led the family to Dr. Rimas Lukas at the university of Chicago-Medicine.

Dr. Lukas decided a combination of medication and this device marketed as Optune was the best treatment.

The device is powered by batteries in a backpack and uses 36-ceramic electrodes attached to the patient's head.

The electrodes generate electrical impulses designed to kill dividing cancers cells in the brain without harming healthy cells.

The treatment seems to be working.

Scans show rick's tumor is still there, but it's not growing.

Rick gives his doctors in Michigan and here in Chicago a lot of credit for his survival, but he also believes god had a hand in guiding him to them and this new treatment.


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