Man rescued after crashing motorcycle off 20-foot embankment

Apr 7, 2016 12:29 PM by News Staff

A dramatic rescue in the Feather River Canyon after a motorcyclist crashed 20 feet down an embankment.

The crash happened yesterday morning on highway 70.

According to California Highway Patrolmen, Charles Ross of Biggs lost control of his motorcycle in a curve.

He was traveling with other bikers through the Feather River Canyon en route to Greenville.

The first CHP officer to arrive on scene quickly realized it was going to require some help getting the injured man back to the roadway.

Rescue crews used a rope and pulley system to carry Ross back to safety in a basket.

"Because of the steep terrain we had to put ropes into place so that rescuers that could make it down on foot actually had a system that could help bring them back up to the roadway," said Mike Waters, Cal Fire Captain Specialist.

A Cal Fire crew from the nearby Jarbo Gap station was joined at the crash site by the Chico Fire Department's technical rescue unit as well as Butte County Search and Rescue.

Ross was taken by helicopter to Enloe Medical Center for treatment of a broken leg and other injuries.


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