Man goes shopping in stolen truck, get arrested

Mar 25, 2016 1:34 PM by News Staff

A quick shopping trip ended in hand cuffs for a Shasta County man after it was discovered that the truck he took to get there was stolen, the Shasta County Sheriff’s reported Friday.

Justin Creed Arrowsmith, 35, was seen by an Anderson Police Officer entering the Shasta Outlets in a truck without a front license plate.

Arrowsmith did not have any identification at the time. Further investigation into the truck revealed that it was the property of a Redding construction company and was currently in non-operational status according to the DMV. Police also said Arrowhead had two outstanding arrest warrants for misdemeanor drunken driving and drug-related offenses.

Arrowsmith claimed his “friend” had loaned him the truck for the time being. Police called the construction company who said the truck was supposed to be on a storage lot in Tehama County and were not aware it was missing.

A search of the vehicle revealed a bag of approximately 75 different vehicle keys which were suspected to belong to Arrowsmith. Police said the keys are usually tools used in vehicle burglary.

Arrowsmith was booked into Shasta County Jail on charges of vehicle theft, possession of stolen property, providing false identity and possession of burglary tools.


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