Man Attacks With Machete...

Feb 15, 2011 7:53 PM

"We saw a guy attacking someone, we thought it looked like a girl so we immediately pulled over" said Durham resident Chase Lieberum. He and his friends just happened to be driving by Tuesday morning near the Little Chico Creek Bridge when they witnessed the attack. Lieberum jumped out of the car and tried to help the woman, not realizing he would become the suspect's next target. " He came at me immediately and pulled a machete out from under his shirt and held it at me, and kind of pushed me back" said Lieberum.
Lieberum's hand was cut, so he tried to run back to the car. The suspect, 25 year old Sidney Quinn was right behind him waving the machete. " He took a couple hacks at the car, we took off and called the cops right when we took off" explained Lieberum.
When officers arrived Quinn had already gotten away, but no for long. " Our officers spotted the suspect nearby and tried to stop him, he ran and they chased him over some fences into some backyards." said Sergeant Rob Merrifield from the Chico Police Department.
An intense search began and Quinn was finally apprehended by Chico K-9 officer Ray and his handler. Quinn was treated for a dog bite to his leg before being taken to jail. He was booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, brandishing a weapon and resisting arrest. There was another man, 23 year old Ryan Goff of Chico who also tried to help the woman. We were unable to get in touch with him. The female victim met Quinn at a party Monday evening, she was not seriously hurt.


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