Man Arrested After Reports of Shooting at Homes in Bullet Proof Vest

Jul 9, 2013 7:17 AM

(UPDATE) 3:10 p.m- The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office has just released more information on the man arrested this morning after he was reportedly seen wearing body armor and firing rifle rounds at a residence in the Jones Valley area.

At approximately 1:10 a.m. the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a man with a gun wearing body armor and shooting at a residence at 22144 Hidden Valley Drive in Jones Valley. Deputies found the suspect, later identified as 32-year-old Jesse Luke Huddleston, in the area of Hidden Valley Drive. Huddleston was taken into custody without incident, and was found not to be wearing any body armor as initially reported.

Responding deputies contacted the homeowner of 22144 Hidden Valley Drive, 59-year-old Jack Dennis Barnes. Barnes was not injured during the shooting but was inside the residence at the time of the shooting.

Deputies found numerous shell casings in the roadway, and identified them as .22 caliber casings. Deputies also located several apparent bullet holes in the front of Barnes’ residence, and eventually found a .22 caliber rifle at Huddleston residence which deputies believe was the rifle used in the incident. Huddleston was arrested and booked into the Shasta County Jail on charges of attempted murder, assault with a firearm/ and shooting at an inhabited dwelling.

Detectives from the Major Crimes unit interviewed Huddleston. According to the Department’s press release, Huddleston admitted to firing his rifle but did not recall at what. The release also stated Huddleston admitted to detectives he knew Jack Barnes and admitted to an on-going neighborhood dispute with Barnes. Huddleston admitted to drinking alcohol prior to the shooting, but denied wearing or owning any body armor. No body armor has been located or identified as belonging to Huddleston. The investigation is ongoing.

It was a scary moment for some Shasta County residents, as a man reportedly armed with a rifle and bullet proof vest paraded through the Jones Valley area. Authorities were called out to a home on Hidden Valley Drive around 1am Tuesday morning. They found and arrested the suspect, a white male in his thirties. While at the scene deputies found shell casings east of the home, where they later located the rifle.
At this time we do not know if there were any injuries. It is also unclear who or what the man was shooting at. Deputies say they never did find the vest.

The incident is still under investigation.


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