Malaysia Airlines Plane Still MIssing

Mar 8, 2014 5:56 PM

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) - Vietnamese authorities say searchers may have spotted part of the jetliner that disappeared more than a day and a-half ago while flying from Malaysia to China. Officials say a low-flying plane saw an object that might be a door from the Boeing 777 in the waters off the southern tip of Vietnam. That's near where two oil slicks were seen yesterday.

A Malaysia Airlines official says there is still no indication of the flight that disappeared from radar while flying from Malaysia to Beijing.

At a news conference in Beijing, the CEO of Malaysia Airlines subsidiary “Firefly Airlines” says the Boeing 777-200 was inspected 10 days ago and was "in proper condition." Vietnamese air force planes searching for the aircraft have spotted two large oil slicks off the southern tip of Vietnam.

According to the Associated Press, the U.S. Navy has joined other nations in the search for the jetliner. It has dispatched the USS Pinckney, a guided missile destroyer, to the area … along with an Orion patrol and surveillance plane.

The Boeing 777 with 239 people aboard was flying to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, when it fell off radar screens early Saturday.###


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