Make It In America

May 9, 2013 7:52 PM

For many years big companies have been manufacturing their products overseas to cut down on labor costs, but those in the industry say there is a new push to bring those jobs back to the U.S.
"Make it in America" was one of the messages Thursday at the American Manufacturing Repatriation Summit.

"I think there is starting to be more pride in the Made in the U.S.A. By Americans, and that is important because the more that happens the more it is going to speed our economic growth," Jon Gregory, managing partner of Innovate North State said.

That's why Innovate North State brought dozens of manufactures from all over the area together so they could share ideas in hopes of growing some of the smaller and medium sized companies they discovered while identifying the area top 100 manufacturers.

"We found out about 11 hundred manufacturers from Sacramento to the Oregon border through our initial research," Gregory said.

Among those in attendance was the CEO of Extron a Bay Area manufacturing company that has seen big rewards after moving some of its manufacturing operations from Europe to Milpitas.

"So lead times have dropped for sure, inventory has dropped, costs in some cases have dropped substantially," Extron CEO Sandeep Duggal said.

Duggal says keeping manufacturing in the U.S. also protects companies from the loss of intellectual properties, like software or patented manufacturing techniques.

"Intelligent companies are starting to globalize intelligently, bringing certain things back, keeping certain things over there," Duggal said.

Those in the industry say it's not a matter of if companies bring their operations back stateside; it's a matter of when.

"The fundamentals are absolutely in place, now it is a question of how quickly we can evangelize to make sure this manufacturing comes back faster," Duggal said.
As part of the summit Innovate North State took time to recognize five companies as manufacturing game changers including: Clean Flame based in Gridley, Mooney Farms in Chico and Sun Sweet out of Yuba City.


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