Make-A-Wish kicks off $200,000 'House of Hope' fundraising campaign

Sep 9, 2015 7:28 PM by Charlene Cheng

The Make-A-Wish organization kicked off a big fundraiser in Redding today.

The goal of the "House of Hope" campaign is to raise $200,000 to fund wishes of seriously ill children.

So far, $100,000 have already been raised, which translates to roughly 10 wishes.

There are currently more than 75 children in the North State eligible for wishes.

Make-A-Wish is teaming up with Redding-based Palomar Builders to grant as many as possible.

A new home known as the House of Hope is being constructed, and contractors are given the option to work for free.

"By the vendors actually donating their supplies and services to the house, that helps keep that cost down, and those funds get turned over to make a wish," said Make-A-Wish CEO Jennifer Stolo.

If you would like more information, you can visit Make-A-Wish's website.


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