Magalia man warns of scammer

Oct 21, 2014 7:36 PM

A stranger has been calling William Cooksey at his home in Magalia for years.

"He calls me again and says he is Microsoft and that I have all these viruses in my computer and that it is running real slow." says William Cooksey.

The stranger wanted to show Cooksey why his computer wasn't working right.

"I pushed the buttons and all these things are going up and down on the computer red yellow warning viruses and stuff."

After the warning signs popped up Cooksey claims the stranger on the phone said a hacker was after his computer.

"I told him, what do I do?"

The stranger wanted $300 to fix the computer.

"He told me what is your social security number I told him I did not want to do that. He says I'll crash your computer then and you can't use it."

Now Cookseys computer sits useless on his living room floor. He says he can't afford to buy a new one.

If you come across a scam like this you are urged to report it to the Federal Trade Commission.


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