Magalia couple celebrates 70 years

Jun 11, 2014 8:03 PM by Cecile Juliette

It's a milestone many people never reach.

A Magalia couple was married just days after D-Day, and Wednesday, they celebrated their 70th platinum wedding anniversary.

Whitney Lawrence, 96, and his bride Arline, 90, have had four children, several grand and great grandchildren.

They were married June 11, 1944 in Northern California. During World War II, they helped women whose husbands were overseas.

For their honeymoon to the Russian River in Sonoma County, their friends saved up gas stamps so they could afford the road trip.

They say their faith, and their willingness to forgive each other has made their marriage successful. On their special day, they stayed at home, but plan to celebrate with family on the weekend. Their church also threw them a party, which they say caught them off-guard, but made them very happy. They've also received several cards of love and support.


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