Made in the U.S.A. the Woof & Poof Way

Nov 1, 2014 12:50 AM by Tamara Damante

It's no secret, the majority of the sewing industry has moved to Asia. But, Chico has a unique company, thriving on the motto,"Made in the U.S.A".
Tonight we are taking a look at the magic behind a local brand, making a nationwide impact, with collectibles.
It's called, "Woof & Poof."
Owner, Roger says, "It's kind of like santa's workshop here in chico! You won't find anything like this anywhere else!
So, what exactly does woof & poof mean?
Hart says, "It has nothing to do with dogs and cats!"
It's a reference to the grain in the upholstery fabric and the pillow material used to create this whimsical cast of characters, for every season.
Hart says, "Whimsical is a great word and that's probably the most accurate description here. Uniqueness, high quality, and something you wouldn't find anywhere else."
The concept started 39 years ago, with the late, Jacki Headley, an art major and graduate of Chico State, who displayed a flair for design.
Today, her legacy is carried on by a loyal, creative team of 25, at the factory, on Orange Street. Some have been designing, cutting and sewing at Woof & Poof, for close to 30-years! For finishing supervisor, Esther Meza it's been a 24-year ride.
Meza says, "I love the challenge, when there's a big variety and a lot of work and see all the new designs is pretty awesome."
Co-Owner and designer, Sabrina Hart says for her, it's all about the details. "What's Santa going to wear? What kind of dress am I gonna put on the angel this year? It's really a blessing to work here."
Their creations are sold to almost 700 gift stores throughout the U.S.-- including Nordstrom. Here in the North State, they're sold exclusively at "Made in Chico", downtown on 3rd Street. One of the most popular pieces, is the elf on a shelf.
Sabrina says, "For years, they made an elf but he didn't have a coat, so he was a new design of mine and he's been very popular and that's what you want. I can make something but when they like it, that's what you want, people to tell you how fabulous you are!"
Best of all, it's All-American.....all reasons to make one of these collectibles a fixture in your own home.
Roger says, "Just keep supporting American jobs and hand crafted products that are made in the U.S.A and in Chico, California.
The Woof & Poof annual holiday warehouse sale is Saturday morning.
You can find deep discounts everything starting at 8 o'clock, at 388 Orange Street.
And as far as Luis the Lion goes, Woof & Poof has partnered with the non-profit, "Discovery Arts", who's mission is to bring joy to kids going through cancer treatment. you can purchase a lion that will go to a child, as a symbol of courage. /


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