Luncheon kicks off Lions All-star football festivities

Jul 9, 2014 8:48 PM by Ross Field

The media luncheon for the 37th annual Lions All-star football game took place on July 9th, and that can only mean one thing, the big showdown between the North and South at Shasta College is quickly approaching.

It might be the middle of summer but football is coming your way.

In one and a half weeks, on July 19th, the North and South will clash in the 37th annual Lions All-star football game.

The summer football classic features recently graduated players from local high schools and the game serves as an opportunity for young men from smaller schools to make a big impact on the big stage.

"It's a great opportunity, it makes me feel proud, I'm definitely excited to represent our school," said Nathan Callaway, a Biggs High running back who will be playing for the South.

For the third year in a row, there will be an 8-man all-star game and with less players on the field, action can be fast-paced and high scoring.

"It's pretty exciting and really fun to watch," said Chris Ballard, the North 8-man head coach from Dunsmuir High School.

In the 11-man game, coach Daniel Ward from Winters will wear the head-set for the South for the first time. He'll be opposed by Greg Grandell of West Valley.

"I'm real excited, it's a honor, we're going to try to run the ball, and play good defense and our kicking game should be great," said Grandell.

With the North's 32-7 victory last year, they have won five in a row, a trend the South hopes to break in the July 19th matchup at Shasta College.

"I was talking to a couple of them at the banquet a couple months ago and they said they were going to smack us around and toy with us, I don't like that so I'm definitely going to come into camp with a chip on my shoulder," said Malik Hopkins, a South lineman from Chico High.

"They have some talent, we've got some good talent, so it should be a good battle," said Tim Naylor, a North quarterback from Central Valley High.

The 8-man game kicks off at 5:00pm and the 11-man game takes place at 8:00pm.

Tickets are $10.


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