Lucero Olive Oil Grows...

Nov 6, 2010 8:08 PM

"Having a tasting room where someone can come in, be educated, taste all of our olive oils and our other products that we carry and purchase, this is a dream come true" said Dewey Lucero, Founder and Owner of Lucero Olive Oil. And it's a dream that's taken five years in the making. Lucero is a third generation olive farmer, he's worked his family orchards with his father and grandfather since he was a boy. He is now proud to share his hard work and years of experience in olive oil with others, with the grand opening of his tasting room and retail store.
" It's just been total excitement and not only for me, but my family as well as all the employees here because this has been a lot of work" Lucero explained. Lucero first started making olive oil in his parents garage in 2005. He's since grown into a booming business with 25 employees. Lucero's products have been awarded 91 statewide and international awards for his various products from extra virgin olive oil to balsamic vinegars and mustards. " We meant it to be very unique and special, we want to share what we produce and we produce some of the best olive oils in the world right here in Northern California" said Lucero.
Lucero offers more than 24 labels of olive oils, made from local Tehama County grown olives, something customers appreciate. " I love their product, it is wonderful tasting and fresh and it's produced locally" said Los Molinos resident Gail Wallace. Johanna D'Arcy from Burney adds " I use olive oil for my salads and it is just clean and fresh and just very good flavors".
Saturday's grand opening saw close to 2,000 customers, a reassuring welcome for lucero on his new business adventure. " I was born to do this" Lucero added.


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