Lower Clear Creek forest restoration project underway in Redding

Nov 15, 2014 7:27 PM by Charlene Cheng

The Geigers will have a lasting memorial for a beloved family member, in the form of a cottonwood tree in Redding.

"They're really, really beautiful. They just make you feel good and you just feel the warmth and love and it's going to be a nice memory of my mom," Olivia Geiger said.

Their tree is one of 150 freshly planted in the China Gardens area of the Lower Clear Creek watershed.

This was an area that was targeted years ago as part of the Lower Clear Creek Greenway Project. What we're hoping to do today is help to promote oak woodland habitat in this area, which is what we think was here before. If you look around the area, there's some nice mature oaks but there could be more to add complexity to the area," said Harmony Gugino, a project coordinator with the Western Shasta Resources Conservation District.

The Plant-A-Tree program was started by the Forest Council of Turtle Bay to restore the native forest destroyed in the 1992 Fountain Fire off Highway 299 East.

In an effort to expand the program, the Western Shasta Resources Conservation District and community volunteers have joined in.

Joe Fleming has been certified arborist for over a decade.

"Makes you feel good to be outside. I just grew up on this planet too, so want to do whatever I can to protect it, because I feel that all decisions should be made for our environmental issues," Fleming said.

And others, like nine-year-old Ansel Lauben, just enjoyed a day out in nature.

"I just thought digging holes was fun and being out here in the wilderness," he said.


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