Low water levels create hazards

Sep 1, 2014 1:12 PM by Alex Backus

The traditional Labor Day scene at the Sacramento River has changed the last two years following drought conditions and the alcohol ban.

Water levels have dramatically dropped this year, causing more snags as river-goers head into the water. John Scott, Scotty's Landing owner along the river, has made countless rescues on the river. He tells Action News Now the water levels are causing havoc for boaters, kayakers, paddle boarders and tubers.

"[There's] been a lot of kayaks on snags all summer long and some boats are getting stuck on gravel bars," Scott explained. "They're hitting snags now and they're hitting boulders. So upstream, there's a lot of big boulders by the canal, people are tearing the bottoms out of their boats. It's getting dangerous in spots and people that can't read the water, its very dangerous for them."

Scott has made six rescues over the past two months. He says the most dangerous act is tying yourself to anything. To stay safe, he says to always look downstream and remain alert. He also reflects on the past two years following the alcohol ban, observing the weekend has changed from a big college scene to more families.


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