Low water levels could mean bad boating season

Apr 29, 2014 7:16 PM

It's just the beginning of boating season here in the North State and already the outlook isn't so good.

This year's drought has had big impact on water levels at Lake Oroville. It’s only 53 percent full; about two-thirds of what it should be this time of year.

“These conditions are more reminiscent of August or September,” said John Prieto, Lake Oroville Marina general manager.

Prieto has worked at the Lake Oroville Marina for almost 25 years and has seen his fair share of droughts. And while Prieto is an optimist when it comes to potential tourism he's also a realist when it comes to his bottom line. He hires seasonal workers based on water elevation levels and with this year's drought dropping those levels, there won’t be as many jobs to go around.

“We go from a staff of 12-13 in the winter to 24-28 during the summer,” he said. “I expect this year it will be on the low side.”


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