Low snow levels mean bad business for local vendors

Jan 7, 2014 6:15 PM

Things aren't looking too good for snow enthusiasts or those looking to make money off them.

The winter section at Chico Sports LTD is pretty quiet for January.

“Talk to anybody from Seattle even British Columbia and the snowfall aren't very good,” said Matt Smith, owner of Chico Sports LTD. “Even Sun Valley is struggling.”

And this struggle on the slopes means a struggle at the register.

“Customers are coming and going, ‘Ehh, we want to wait until a little more snow comes,’” Smith said. “You take what you get and we haven’t been blessed with a lot of snowfall yet.”

And this low snowfall has meant fewer shifts for workers.

“We’ve cut back a little in the snowboard shop,” Smith said. “Some hours are reduced for some people to be sure but they’ll come back as soon as the storms hits.”


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