Low levels reveal relics in Shasta Lake

Jan 22, 2014 7:12 PM

With low water levels this season, some people are finding new ways to recreate around Lake Shasta.

"With the lake being down a little bit, we're starting to see people coming out looking for relics, doing some exploring of places they normally can't see on the lake, old bridges, tunnels, things like that," said Harold Jones, who owns the Sugarloaf Cottages Resort in Lakehead.

One of the easiest places to see these relics is off of Lakeshore Drive in Lakehead.

"We've seen a few small bridges across the other side of the road that were probably used for transporting things over the creek before this was filled. Kind of neat to see the history of what took place before the lake was filled," said Darren Smith, who was out exploring the area with his son.

Smith, who grew up in the North State, says he's grateful for this opportunity to show his son a piece of their family history.

"It's the history of my grandfather and stuff and our parents' parents who built a lot of this stuff," Smith said.


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