'Love Every Body' Week at Chico State

Feb 23, 2015 7:08 PM by News Staff

It's "Love Every Body" week at Chico State and the student organization "Embodied" is hosting different events each day to coincide with "National Eating Disorders Week".

There's something happening every day at the Campus WREC center. The focus is on promoting "Health at Every Size", and to eat and exercise for wellbeing and enjoyment rather than just weight loss.

Brooke Magnotta, WREC Programs Supervisor said "There is no perfect way to look, and when we follow that and we try eveyr day to get to that we're never satisfied with who we are as we are, and that in itself is unhealthy".

Organizers of "Love Every Body" say that everybody from size zero and up can have a poor body image.

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