Los Molinos residents brace for storm after major flooding last week

Dec 10, 2014 6:32 PM by Brian Johnson

A week after major storms overwhelm parts of Tehama County, causing major flooding, residents there are preparing for tonight's storms as best they can.

Tyler Young lives off Highway 99 near Dye Creek.
Young, a lifelong resident of this area north of Los Molinos, says last week's storm was one of the worst he's seen and something he did not expect.

He says leaves piled up against fences, and trees and fences were knocked over.

We spoke with Young before his third trip to the nearest sand bag filling location.

Over the past couple of days he's already filled 150 bags to use at his and his daughter's homes.

"Putting the sand bags up trying to water proof everything and keep stuff from floating away," Young said. "We almost had a propane tank float away on us here so we're going to secure that with posts and stuff."

"Better safe than sorry," Los Molinos resident Kim Green said while filling up sand bags. "We probably don't need them knock on wood that we don't. But we have them if we do. So that's all you can do."

The sand bag filling location is on Fox Street behind the Los Molinos Cemetery.


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