Los Angeles orders quake retrofit for many older buildings

Oct 9, 2015 3:14 PM by News Staff

LOS ANGELES (AP) - The Los Angeles City Council has passed sweeping retrofitting rules requiring costly upgrades of thousands of older wood and concrete apartment buildings that would be vulnerable to collapse in a major earthquake.

The mandate would affect as many as 13,500 so-called soft-first-story buildings, which are typically wood-frame structures with large spaces such as parking lots on the ground floor. As many as 1,500 brittle concrete buildings would also require upgrades.

The measure passed 12-0 Friday.

City leaders will now have to agree on how the estimated $5,000-per-unit retrofitting costs would be split between tenants and landlords.

Before the vote, representatives for residential landlords and commercial building owners signaled their approval of the plan - while expressing concerns about potential costs.

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