Longtime Chico State Building Prepping for Demolition

Nov 26, 2013 6:23 PM

After years of planning, construction on a Chico State building has finally started.

Taylor Hall is in the process of coming down, and thanks to a $90 million state grant, a new and improved building will soon replace it.

Currently crews are prepping for demolition--which will happen after the fall semester. The new building should be complete by the summer of 2016.

Faculty that worked in Taylor Hall said the building had several environmental problems and did not fit the campus’ growing needs.

“Most of my classes were too big for it and I didn't actually have a lot of classes in it anymore,” said Matt Brown, and English literature associate professor. “We kind of outgrow it.”

The new building will be three times bigger than Taylor Hall and will match the aesthetics of other Chico State building’s brickwork. It will also be three stories and stretch all the way to Second Street.


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