Longtime Chico Jeweler Closing After 115 Years

May 22, 2013 6:05 PM

Here is a letter released Wednesday by the store's owner, Michael Hicks:

Clifford’s Jewelry will soon be closing its doors. Founded in 1898, by Charles A. Clifford, at a time where there we no paved streets in Chico, the business has continued in that family for 115 years.

We are proud of the role that we have played in the lives of generations of Chico and surrounding area families. We are also proud of the role we have played in Chico; community service has been a family tradition. We have had a hand in many projects and have lent support to countless organizations that are today an important part of our community.

It is time to retire and Clifford’s will not be continuing with future generations. There will be a short sale prior to closing the store, offering our customers a last chance at Clifford’s fine quality jewelry at an incredible savings and give us a chance to say goodbye to those who have meant so much to us over the years.

We humbly take this opportunity to offer our sincere thanks and appreciation to our loyal and valued customers for your patronage through the years, especially those of you with a multi-generational relationship with us. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve all of you through the years.

Thank you for the opportunity to share the information with you, we won't be doing any interviews during our final days

Michael Hicks
Clifford's Jewelry


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