Locals thrilled by first significant rain of the year

Jan 29, 2014 7:56 PM

After nearly two months without significant rainfall, many across the north state woke up to cooler and wetter weather.

Usually on cool and rainy day, you'd find people indoors trying to stay dry but despite the wet weather lots of people were out today enjoying the long awaited rain. "I like it. I miss it," said Esmeralda Seguine, a Chico resident shopping downtown. People across the north state were outside today despite the rain and breezy conditions. Many decided to take a stroll in downtown Chico and enjoying the refreshing rain. "We are very excited about it. We’re hoping for a lot more. Our farmers, our lakes need it," said Sequine. "I'm really excited for the rain. It's really nice just walking around, getting the fresh air, and I don't care that it's raining. It feels good," said Brittany Lodge, a Chico State student walking downtown.

With the lack of rain, those at nurseries have been working harder at keeping all the plants healthy but today they got a helping hand from mother nature. “Everybody needs it. The plants are loving it. We don't have to water today so it does take a little bit of a breather on us. We’ve needed it and it's been a little scary without it," said Melynn Cliff, Retail Manager of Magnolia Gift and Garden.

Most cities haven't seen significant rain in nearly two months with the last time being December 6, 2013. That's 53 days without significant rain. The streak was finally broken Wednesday morning with more rain on the way. Unfortunately, we've still got a lot ground to make up in this year's drought.


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