Local youth football players get baseline concussion testing

Jul 29, 2015 9:14 PM by Ross Field

Concussions have fast become a major concern for athletes at all levels. It's led Chico Youth Football to use the services of a Lodi-based company to take extra precautions to protect their players against the lasting effects of those concussions. Action News Now's Ross Field has the story.

"I felt completely helpless as a parent," said Jim Carter.

Jim Carter knows firsthand what it's like to have his child suffer a concussion.

"About three years ago my son got a concussion playing youth football. He lost consciousness. We ended up at UC Davis Medical Center and during our work-up in the ER, the pediatric neurosurgeon asked us if my son had a baseline test and I'd never heard of it," said Carter.

The question stuck with Carter and he decided to act on it by creating a company called Baseline Administrators. It's a mobile service that provides baseline tests to young athletes before the start of their seasons.

This test is not used to diagnose a concussion," Carter said. "It's a neuro-cognitive test and it's going to rely on some major sensory organs that we have, vision, memory recall short and long term, it tests reaction speed and reaction time."

It's a look inside an athlete's normal brain function, and if they were to suffer a blow to the head, comparing this baseline with post-concussion test scores will help in managing the injury.

"That can help a doctor say you know what we need to take another week off or maybe two. That's the heartbeat of these tests and that's how they're used," said Carter.

On Friday, July 24, baseline tests were used on Chico youth football players.

Eric Oberle's son plays for the Scorchers and he says having a baseline test gives him a sense of comfort.

"He's in his second year of football, a new year at a new level so guys are going to be bigger, just in case he gets his bell rung, I want to get him checked out and make sure that he's okay," said Oberle.

The testing is not just for football players.

"We're talkin cheerleaders, we're talking soccer, baseball, football, basketball, any athlete that puts on a uniform should have a baseline test," said Tim Whipple, Baseline Admininstrators Inc.

The price for the tests vary, ranging between $13 and $35, but that seems like a small fee to pay for the increased safety these young athletes get in return.

"I believe there is a huge need for it," said Carter.

For more information including how to get your child a baseline test, head here:

Baseline Administrators Inc.


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