Local teen competing in national weightlifting competitions

Jul 3, 2014 8:47 PM by Ross Field

A Durham high school student is exploding onto the scene in a sport most girls her age have probably never even tried and this little local lifter has peformed so well, she's now representing the northstate on a national stage.

Meet 15-year-old, 4-foot-10-inch Megan Seegert. Before you make your first impression though, there's something else you should know; she can lift, a lot.

"It comes from a big background of gymnastics, like knowing body awareness being able to form my body in the way that it's supposed to," said Seegert.

Most of the time you can find her testing her limits at Oroville CrossFit. Most recently though, she's been training with the U.S. Junior World Team at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. The preparation is key for Seegert as she's been participating in world weightlifting competitions, including the upcoming Senior Nationals in Salt Lake City, UT, from July 18th-20th.

"I want to get better and just kind've improve myself and not worry about competition. I'm just setting a goal with numbers I want to get and seeing how I do," added Seegert.

At Senior Nationals, Seegert will go up against some of the fiercest competitors, but she's confident. Using two techniques, the snatch and the clean and jerk, Seegert's goal is to lift the most weight. She snatches 141-pounds and pulls 179-pounds in the clean and jerk.

"I think most of it is technique, I guess if you try to muscle it out you'd only be able to lift so much weight, but if you use form it helps a lot more because then it makes the weight feel light," said Seegert.

Surprisingly, this little local lifter began the sport of weighlifting about a year ago. She's made incredible progress in a short amount of time and no matter how she fares at the upcoming Senior Nationals. Seegert has discovered a passion and she's looking forward to the future.

"I want to keep doing it and hopefully be really really good at it," said Seegert.

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